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About Aquariums

About AquariumsAquariums have many advantages, especially in medical settings such as hospitals or any type of doctor’s office.

Studies show that aquariums lower blood pressure. Studies have also shown that Alzheimer patients have an average weight gain of 6.5lbs when an aquarium is present in the dining area and aquariums keep Alzheimer patients occupied. Additionally, tanks in office waiting areas lower perceived wait time as clients or patients have something interactive to do while waiting.

Children love aquariums thanks to the movie "Finding Nemo". Fish are fun, interactive pets that require little maintenance on your part with Scooter's Aquatics & Exotics care.

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About the Hobby

About the HobbyThe fish keeping hobby has grown tremendously over the last decade. It is shared across the world.

It is a hobby that is shared by rich and poor. It is an art and a science simultaneously. From an artistic standpoint, it is a challenge to design an underwater environment that will fit with your room's decor. But from a science standpoint, you must design an ecoscape that will support the life that you keep in it.

Because the aquarium is a closed environment, there is a chemical reaction that occurs that cycles the waste from the fish (and live plants) into other, less harmful compounds. This aspect of aquariums is a fascinating concept and more can be learned about it in this excellent article.

Let Scooter's Aquatics and Exotics take all the hassle out of this hobby for you at a low cost, leaving you all the fun and enjoyment of the hobby without the work.

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